Enjoy your motorhome from home

We're part of the Swift Group, the UK's number 1 leisure vehicle brand. From our home in Yorkshire, we design and build motorhomes - and create lasting memories.

That's why when you book with Swift Go you get so much more. Everything you need to explore the great outdoors is included indoors - all for one simple price.

Fully kitted out

Our vehicles are the most comprehensively equipped on the market:

  • Fully equipped kitchen: fridge, microwave*, gas hobs, oven/grill
  • 4G-enabled Wi-Fi to get online while you're away
  • TV and DVD for movie nights and telly addicts
  • Mattresses and bedding for a comfy night's sleep
  • Living kit including pots, pans, cutlery, utensils and towels
  • Breakfast pack with tea, coffee, eggs, bread and more
  • Outdoor pack with bike rack, camping table and chairs

* microwave not fitted in Select campervans


Drive on a standard licence

All Swift Go motorhomes can be driven on a standard UK driving licence - and we have options for up to 5 people to travel and sleep.


Free on-site parking

We offer free on-site parking - drive off in a motorhome and leave your car with us until you return from your holiday.


Award-winning motorhomes

Our motorhomes are regular award-winners too - we've won Motorhome of the Year for 2 years in a row.

Choosing your motorhome

Which motorhome is right for you? It depends how many people you're travelling with and the type of holiday you want. There are two main types of motorhome - coach-built and panel van. For Swift Go, we've focused on 3 of our key ranges - the Swift Escape, the Swift Bessacarr and the Swift Select.


Swift Escape

Escape is our best-selling motorhome. It is what's called coach-built. Fiat supplies the cab and we build the body of a motorhome at one of our factories. Most motorhomes you see on the roads today are coach-built.

Go Escape

  • Our best-selling motorhome
  • Between 2 and 5 berths
  • Ideal for families new to motorhoming
  • Practical Motorhome's 'Motorhome of the Year 2018'*

* Escape 604 is Motorhome of the Year 2018 - part of the Escape range


Swift Select

Select is a van conversion - also known as a campervan. These are everyday vans, ours are Fiat, but the rear of the van is converted into a spacious living area and windows are installed.

Go Select

  • Versatile van conversion
  • Closest in size to an average car
  • Sporty adventurer for the great outdoors
  • Between 2 and 4 berths

Swift Bessacarr

Bessacarr is a luxury coach-built motorhome which combines a striking black metallic cab and external graphics with opulent soft furnishings and internal finishes. Slightly wider than other Swift Go vehicles, the Bessacarr offers a spacious and indulgent motorhome experience.

Go Bessacarr

  • Our widest and most luxurious motorhome
  • The 4 berth Bessacarr 560 can be driven on a standard licence
  • Perfect for longer rentals where comfort is important
  • Ideal for couples and small families

How many people? Berths explained

Every motorhome we hire has a maximum number of people it can legally carry. This number is known as the 'berth'. With Swift Go motorhomes, the berth number also applies to the number of seatbelts on board. This means:

  • 3 berth can sleep 3 people and has 3 travelling seatbelts
  • 4 berth can sleep 4 people and has 4 travelling seatbelts
  • 5 berth can sleep 5 people and has 5 travelling seatbelts

So when we say 'berths' we mean the maximum number of people that can both travel and sleep in the motorhome (and don't forget, our motorhomes are pet friendly too)

All you need to know now is where to go?