Covid-19 Cancellation Policy

During this unsettling time, we have been forced to adapt - working remotely, home schooling, learning new technologies, coping with the anxiety of separation. Some of us have been working harder than ever whilst others have stayed at home to protect our NHS and other key workers. All of us have made sacrifices.

Covid-19 has brought about a huge amount of uncertainty and, for most people, something as straightforward and traditional as booking a short break is now being approached with extreme caution.

Many have had overseas holidays cancelled or have ongoing concerns about quarantine regulations and the appeal of a UK break has never been broader. Indeed, our holiday habits may have shifted indefinitely in favour of local shores and the idea of a motorhome adventure, where the vehicle is, for the most part, self-contained with a well equipped kitchen and WC/Shower facilities makes perfect sense. Add to this the fact that Caravan & Motorhome Club pitches are at least 6m apart and its sites are located in some of the most picturesque parts of the UK and a motorhome holiday becomes the ultimate safe-cation. BUT ….


What if there is a return of lockdown? What if I need to self-isolate? What’s in the small print?


Swift Go recognises that people are nervous about commitment right now. That is why we have introduced a unique Covid-19 cancellation policy which applies to all existing bookings and new bookings made before 31st December 2020.


Swift Go will offer a no quibble, 100% refund on your booking or postponement without penalty if the UK government imposes restrictions that cause any of the following:-

  • Closure of the Swift Go depot on the date when your collection is scheduled
  • The introduction of non-essential travel restrictions over the dates you are due to travel
  • The need for you, or any of your travelling party, to self-isolate over the dates you are due to travel


Swift Go – your Safe-cation starts here!


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