Hiring a motorhome with Swift Go is the perfect way to discover whether leisure vehicle ownership is for you. Whether you’re a seasoned pro who has been considering purchasing for some time, or a complete motorhoming novice, a Swift Go getaway can provide all the answers you need.

We caught up with Dave Lorains, a recent customer, to see why he decided to become a Swift Escape owner after hiring with us…


How did you first learn about Swift Go and why did you decide to hire with us?

We first heard about Swift Go via an internet search. We found that the Stockport depot is only 5 miles away from where we live, so the location was excellent and really convenient.

We have bought caravans in the past but always fancied the idea of a motorhome. Our last caravan was a Swift Celebration and we were very impressed, so hiring another Swift vehicle was an easy decision.


What was it like to hire with Swift Go?

Swift Go were fantastic to deal with. They are extremely professional and accommodated our every need. The motorhome we hired was spotlessly clean and getting to grips with it was really simple; it was a case of a quick walk around with a straightforward induction, then off we went!


Did you plan to try-before-you-buy, or was it that you hired and fell in love with motorhoming?

My wife and I decided to hire before buying so we could decide between a new caravan or our first motorhome. We fell in love with motorhoming immediately, enjoying the additional freedom and greater driving ease, plus the simplicity once we arrived at the campsite.


What is it about motorhoming that appeals to you?

Motorhoming is a fantastic way to holiday - you just load up and go! Now that we have purchased our own Swift motorhome, all I need to do is power it up at home the day before we go away so that the fridge/freezer is down to temperature and then we’re ready to drive.

Motorhomes are also really versatile and convenient, letting you combine the feeling of a luxurious hotel room with the ability to take off at a moment’s notice as the mood takes you. We love knowing that the open road is waiting whenever we’re ready. Another advantage is the space, storage and generous payload, meaning we can take lots of luggage and equipment along with us.


Who will you be taking out in the motorhome and where do you plan to visit?

We try to get away in our motorhome every other weekend as a family – it’s a great way to spend quality time together and visit new places. The Lake District is one of our favourite destinations, but we have also enjoyed travelling to the Peak District on a few occasions.

My wife, daughter and myself will be travelling to Europe during the school summer break for the roadtrip of a lifetime. The plan is to be away for 3 weeks, driving to the south coast of France and hopefully on to northern Spain - we can’t wait! It will be wonderful to use the motorhome for more than just a weekend and really enjoy all the amazing features it has to offer.